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The UUSD District Counseling Center is now open. For more info visit the District website or read the brochure.



Dec. Highlights

13-16 6th Grade Camp

21- Awards Assembly

22- Winter Parties

22- Minimum Day (Dismissal at 11:10)

23-31 Winter Break


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Baldy View Elementary is a California Distinguished School and a Title I Academic Achieving School. We are part of the Upland Unified School District and are located in a quiet Upland Neighborhood with a spectacular view of Mt. Baldy and the San Bernardino Mountain range. We serve approximately 660 students each year. Our staff is extremely dedicated, innovative and 100% committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment as well as the best possible education for the students at Baldy View. We offer a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum as well as a variety of enrichment programs during and after school. We believe wholeheartedly that every child can learn, sometimes with additional assistance or with supplemental intervention programs, but our mission is to bring success to every student under our care. We welcome and value the input of our parents and strive to maintain a positive relationship with our community. We are proud and honored to serve the entire Baldy View community. 


Spirit Rally!

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Today: 12/3/16

Eagle Expectations

Eagle Theme for December:


Where Eagles Accept!

"2, 4, 6, 8, together we appreciate!"